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SmartLab - ICDO
Information System for Anatomic Pathology and Cytology laboratories.

Profile SmartLab-CDO consists of an actually innovative application in the field of pathologoanatomy and its companys aspiration in the patologoanatomic laboratories of our countries.


It is a very handy tool that helps doctor in its difficult and daedal act of writing down and encoding of findings by topographical distribution, morphology and grade of malignancy in any kind and type of cancer.

The already discover need for full mapping of neoplasias in the Greek Medical sector created the need for the development of Passe Partout - ICDO, in a way that software can quarantee easy access and common methodology of controlling the stored data.

SmartLab – ICDO is a result of feud cooperation of Apollo with clinics, laboratories, medical departments and clinical Research. The accomplishment of this target will justify Apollo s initiative and the multiple benefits of users will become obvious. System s characteristics Patient record adjusted to the functional way of Pathologoanatomy laboratories. Analytical card of writing down findings from the moment that material is handled till the time of printing the reply and easy-fast search of the alrady posted findings . Personal Patient records (id card, age, address, city, phone etc) according to national File of neoplasias. Support of multiple per finding annual (or not) use of protocol, automated or not use of counted protocols. Automated Print out of daily moves by referral clinic or doctor. Out of reply control printout of daily patient move. Control of not replied in terms of diagnostic materials Encoding of diagnoses according SNOP (Systematized Nomenclature Of Pathology) or ICDO (International Classification of Diseases for Oncology). In that stage diagnosis is encoded in terms of topography, morphology, and grade of malignity. As a result, statistical analysis of findings becomes easier and more reliable. Ability to introduce and correct encoded diagnoses (SNOP & ICD-O). In that way you can create your own encoding or modify the structure of the existing one applied to the singularities of your laboratory. Print out ability of the above systems of encoding in lists classified by description or code, for the easy search of the user at the moment of diagnosis. Printout of the record sheet of maligns or limit malign neoplasias of the central Health Board (ΚΕ.Σ.Υ-ΕΑΝ). Our document is exactly similar to that one of ΚΕ.Σ.Υ and can be modified if it is necessary from the user. Limitless creation of reply schemas (standards), fast introduction of standards in any record and save time in writing down and printing out the findings. Use of those standards from physicians in their everyday actions for the faster manual completion of their diagnostic findings. Ability for replies with special standard forms for the findings of breast, uterus, morgue. Ability of changing the figure of the exposure according to user needs even while program is still working. The user can do modification on the printout format also regionally. Ability to control images (introduction, storage, work out) of histological-cytological samples directly through microscope. Image Introduction to the system can be done through scanner if there is any photo material available. Ability of working out image through special software (change colour, cleaning, interference, adumbration etc) Connection ability with Image Analysis Software. Statistical analysis of findings with limitless search filters named by the doctor and free search directly from the text Export of evidence material in a file format for its further analysis through other software. Set-in interpreter xbase για τους πιο ειδικούς !!! Fast rate of search and control of findings for a limitless number of diagnoses. Secure entrance codes with scale access and functional levels. In this way, users with low acess level cannot either change encoding system functions or delete the reports. User level applications. In this way you can control pathologoanatomy and cytology laboratories with no problem of controlling different reports. Advantage of telesupport. Telesupport is a very important aspect of the system that allows distance company interference for facing problems but also to help us in software development. Transfer report ability or special information through a disquette or modem device in a central processing unit for further statistical analysis. Image Transfer from one laboratory to another through a disquette or modem device. Special routine control standards, conservation and repair of files minimize the danger of loosing data. Backup-Restore of files for saving and security reasons Daily printout of small etiquettes for tablets and paraffin cubes Observating clinics in a debit- credit basis Ability of automated introduction of findings from older version or a third party. Ability of automated introduction of older findings in printable version in the new edition through OCR systems. Ability of connecting Hospital s Integrated Health Information system for the automated informing of the medical record. Apollo is focusing in three main areas for the successful laboratory workflow The first one is the support in terms of managing the application for possible breakdowns and modifications of the application. Secondly there is a continuous observation of international developments in Pathologoanatomy and its information systems. In this way we develop and modify our system continuously so that we can offer more opportunities and added value points. Thirdly, We target in developing a long-term relationship with the customer in professional horizons and not just selling another Information system, so feedback is very important for us.
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