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Product line SmartDoctor consists of Information systems with vertical needs and demands. SmartDoctor products can respond to specific needs and can integrate a local medical workstation.
SmartDoctor can use latest technology for a special and easy accessible medical record for individual departments of a health institution help in decision making and studies of the professional data that user gathers.

In general SmartDoctor product line can offer:

» Smart exploitation of medical record
» Integrated medical work environment enabled to plug -in more environments to the existing one
» System adoption to tailor-made needs and opportunity for dynamic change or extension facilities
» Image introduction-manipulation through medical machinery
» Image introduction-manipulation from scanner
» Digital image processing (Special Filters, Sharpen, Noise etc)
» Standardized printings in experts opinions, therapies, certifications, diets, bills of indictment etc
» Printed information material for patients, disease guidelines, graphs and information maquettes
» Brief medical record presentation
» Registration of the apposite physician per sheet, creation date, last update, sheet characterization
» Fast updating of the physician for the main medical patient variables - Quick View
» Chronological developmental presentation of patient variables in list or graph
» Printing lists of patients (queries) from any variable of medical record
» Statistical processing of data (frequency analysis, variables allocation, correlation etc)

SmartDoctor Product line includes the following programs:

Assortment : Name Popularity System
SmartDoctor - Diag 10063 WIN
A definitely innovative application for Diagnostic Centers.

SmartDoctor - Safe 8489 WIN
Health Information system that covers the medical record of industries and enterprises in Health and safety issues within the workplace.

SmartDoctor - Micro 10341 WIN
Laboratory Information System LIS (Microbiological, Hematology, Biochemical)

SmartDoctor - Cyto 8621 WIN
Information System for Cytologic Laboratories

SmartDoctor - Ped 11028 WIN

SmartDoctor - Uro 8633 WIN

SmartDoctor - Patho 12437 WIN

SmartDoctor - CT 8671 WIN

SmartDoctor - Endo 8284 WIN

SmartDoctor - Mast 7937 WIN

SmartDoctor - Aimo 8039 WIN

SmartDoctor - Gyn 10166 WIN

SmartDoctor - Derm 8524 WIN

SmartDoctor - Diet 8592 WIN

SmartDoctor - Onco 8270 WIN

SmartDoctor - Oft 8913 WIN

SmartDoctor - Xeir 9446 WIN

SmartDoctor - Cardio II 9403 WIN

SmartDoctor - Cardio 8096 WIN

SmartDoctor - Orth 9570 WIN

SmartDoctor - Orl 8515 WIN

SmartDoctor - Onco II 7888 WIN

SmartDoctor - Psy 8908 WIN

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