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PlatformWIN C/S
SmartLab belongs to Smart Product line. SmartLab can be divided in separate information systems that are ready to cover the needs of a Primary or Secondary Care institution.

Biologic material laboratories and imaging laboratories can be unified and provide the therapist with integrated and professional data

The system shapes all the latest technologies and is adapted to International standards that differentiate it as a high quality information system among Health Information systems.

SmartLab assists in speeding up operations, decreases bureaucracy and is cost and time effective.

Important differentiation points
╗Unified work environment for the hospital laboratory sector
╗Graphic Interface work environment with 3D Medical Record depiction and client-server architecture
╗Problem ¤riented Medical Record & S.O.A.P medical record development.
╗Encoding adaption (Diseases, materials, reactants etc) of Health Ministry.
╗Brief and analytical presentation of medical record with DHTML & XML support.
╗Connect with patient transaction office.



╗Automated creation of waiting list based on laboratory examining.
╗Disruption of examining and break offs per sector.
╗Estimation of volume samples based on laboratory examinations
╗Search by patient variables from waiting list Recording elements automatically defined from showpiece defined by the medical examination.
╗Printing support of etiquettes bar-coding for samples.
╗Disruption of examinations from sending samples list by choising among criteria.
╗Sending sample list.
╗Observing instruction progress.
╗Ability to change instruction elements like kind of examination, department, approval of receiving list of samples. (Handwritten form)
╗Automated receipt of examination elements through barcodes. Automated work schedule for analysts through work list creation Ability of manual activities programming for analysts. Automated data loading through a special interface. Automated receipt of evidence through analysts who support similar activities Credibility control of values by criterion (value limitations normal, panick, histodiagrams, Delta checks) Price recording and approval Automated evidence analysis sending through outbound sources through emails, fax etc. Connection characteristics with analysts:

1. Send and receive data through an extranet.
2. Easy access to the analyst from other connected source (pc) for changes modifications and easy parameterization within the network.
3. Real time communication without PC support.
4. Increased security by defining access levels to functions and data.
5. Ready connection for all the available analysts machinery.
6. Save time adjustments compared to other solutions of latest equipment
7. Laboratory control by distant source.


  • Time Schedule for medical rounds.
  • Waiting lists
  • Resource Planning
  • Connection ability through a special interface with medical equipment for image introduction and video (DICOM)
  • Introduction ability through scanners or video grabbers of medical image and video
  • Processing and handling image and video with the support of latest technologies
  • Report generator of medical elements for any laboratory image or video
  • Connecting reply-patient history through voice mail.
  • Easy and parameter modification of printing format of evidence for each department
  • Creation of reply templates by check up and department with ability of image introduction, video & voice.
  • Linking medical reply with hyperlinks of professional articles or cross-references to Web resources
  • Ability of image, video & voice zip with latest technologies support.
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