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SmartDoctor - Diag
A definitely innovative application for Diagnostic Centers.

Integrated Information system for Primary Care institution with vertical demand and application line.

Patients file

  • Patient analytical demographic records
  • Special atomic history for each medical concentration
  • Detailed patient history

  • Medical appointments file

  • Descriptional appointment scheduling of patients
  • Easy finding of next patient appointment
  • Printout (in monitor or printer) of daily scheduling per department

  • File of Diagnoses - Follow up ? Replies analytical clinic-laboratory exams in each field of medical concentration

  • Beginning Patient check- History
  • Αnalytical beggining checks
  • Recordable findings of Diagnoses based in depict-made checks
  • Reply file of checks of biologic materials
  • Medical recording of findings
  • Cross-reference documents
  • Electronic documents
  • Image storage and depiction draft Creation of unlimited reply schemes-prototypes. Medical cards of each department can be easily changed and be adapted to operational center needs. There is the ability of adding illimitable new medical cards. In each card there is the opportunity of automated introduction utility replies.

  • Analytical printings of diagnoses and testimonials
  • Easy modification of printing format.
  • File extraction in DBF form

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  • Plethora of statistics for all the cards of checks and patients demographics.
  • Easy export of statistical functions (min, max, mean, std. deviation)

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  • Modification ability, system expansion.
  • Easy modification of replying schemes- prototypes
  • Easy modification of replying sheets

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  • Time Oriented presentation of patient parameter
  • Presentation of parameters with special graphs (histograms, pie graphs etc)

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    Help programmes

  • Data Storage - Backup - Restore
  • User codes with choice limitations.
  • Breakdown - control - pack - repair of files
  • Change of format of printout in medical findings.

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  • Ability to store and control depicting images.
  • Image printout from diagnosis reply sheet

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    Economic and administrative menus

  • External Physician Partners-Health Centers
  • Internal Physician Partners
  • File of offered services
  • File of diagnoses-record findings for every patient and accounting record with debit-credit and pricing issues included.
  • Elements making outs (receipts, invoices etc)
  • Patient lists, Partner lists, Check ups
  • Check up diary per partner
  • Catalogues of Insurance and related funds
  • Patients observation for every visit and the responded results
  • Daily check of entrants
  • Analytical lists and statistics for examining by date, day,physician,fund
  • Printout of lists for submission to the responsive funds per group check, doctor and fund
  • Balance sheets, Analytical ledgers of patients
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