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Rhapsody™ Rapid, out-of-the-box IT integration for health and hospital organizations of all sizes"

Rhapsody delivers advanced messaging capabilities to health and hospital organizations of all kinds. Rhapsody ensures smooth, automated communications between IT systems regardless of format and protocol.
Once installed, Rhapsody is easy-to-operate with straightforward ongoing administration and monitoring.

Rhapsody's clear graphical environment simplifies engine administration for IT staff. Easy drag & drop tools provide direct control over the operation of the Rhapsody™ engine. Rhapsody™ reduces an organization's reliance on expensive consultancy by enabling IT staff to perform maintenance and upgrades them.

  • Virtually no programming knowledge required!
  • Enhanced Import/Export/Merge of Routes

  • Browser-based, for remote monitoring and control
  • Easy Monitoring of Engine Activity
  • Monitoring engine statistics
  • Editing messages in the engine
  • Resending messages
  • Robust user security
  • Error Monitoring

    Sitting at the heart of Rhapsody, the Data Engine undertakes all the message reception, delivery, queuing, mapping between multiple message formats, and message routing. Rhapsody can coordinate messages being transmitted across a single campus, across an organization or across an entire region, regardless of format.
  • Maps between multiple message formats, including HL7, XML, X.12, EDIFACT, HCFA, ASTM, NCPDP, and user-defined formats
  • EDI and XML Message Composers
  • Definition Version control
  • Automated archiving of messages
  • Pre-Loaded Communication Points (TCP, SSL, File, Java RMI, Serial, HTTP, FTP, E-mail, HylaFAX)
  • Message Filters (Message mapping, Content extraction, Routing, Acknowledgement tracking, XSL transforms, Encryption/decryption filter, Scripting filter, Database SQL query filter, RTF output)
    Rhapsody is a comprehensively secure Integration Engine.
    Access to the Engine is only granted via secure log-ins and passwords. The engine maintains a user database of users and their access privileges. Only users with suitable privileges may configure the engine or view engine statistics.
    Activity within the Engine is also secured. Communication between the separate parts of the Engine (the Data Engine, the Monitoring Application and the Administration Application) uses SSL connections.
    Rhapsody also includes Encryption and Decryption filters for the messages themselves, allowing messages to be encrypted and decrypted as required to support organizational policies and legislative guidelines. Messages can be encrypted using a number of standard encryption algorithms such as DES, Blowfish, RSA and many others.

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    Rhapsody Overview

    Rhapsody Fact Sheet

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