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The organizations that are involved in the health sector operate today a number of heterogeneous informative systems, rating from specialized medical applications up to administrative-economic applications each with separate characteristics and operations.

The challenge of this time and age is to give the possibility to each organization to manage the volume of information that emanates from the abundance of those systems, effectively.

The international experience has shown that the completion of those systems via the upgrade in a single system is difficult and particularly costly.

For this reason particularly in the health sector the technology of distribution found expedient ground the technology of distribution of electronic messages between heterogeneous applications.

The international efforts in this direction had as a result the creation of protocols as the HL7 and the EDIFACT, which in combination with special systems of distribution and organization of electronic messages gave efficient solutions to the problems of completion of information.

Symphonia 3 is an easy-to-use toolkit that allows vendors, consultants and developers to rapidly add messaging capabilities to new, existing, and legacy applications. Such applications may be written in Visual Basic, Delphi, C++ and Java, and typically send and receive medical, financial, insurance and transportation information.

At the heart of the Symphonia 3 toolkit is the Symphonia engine. This parses an extensive range of EDI protocols including HL7, XML, HIPAA, X.12, EDIFACT, HCFA, ASTM, NCPDP and any user-defined formats. It is extremely fast and supported on a variety of operating systems.

Other supporting technologies in the toolkit include: An EDI message designer application, called EDI Composer to create EDI message definitions. An EDI message testing application, called Explorer to test your definition against real messages.

There is also support for XML, by way of an XML schema designer application, called XML Composer to create XML schemas. And a Message Mapper application to convert one message format to another, including EDI to XML. In addition ActiveX objects provided make the sending and receiving of messages and encryption simple. It also contains numerous samples and full documentation.

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