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Health Information System for the medical card of the Greek Army Staff

The Greek Army has chosen Apollo to design and install its Health Information System for the medical card of its staff executives.
Apollo Ltd is involved in the Health Informatics sector by giving emphasis to HealthCare Technologies Research and Development, in order to create functional and accessible systems that can improve Health Services efficiency. New Product development has also given emphasis to the latest technologies concerning wireless applications in IT and Telecommunications, always applying to the Health sector.

The company has already strengthen its position by installing Health Information Systems in both Public and Private sectors .
The oxygen Health Information System that will be installed in 414 Military Hospital includes all the advantages of a conceptional electronic medical records, especialy those ones that will reinforce Hospital connectivity with other HealthCare Institutions and will report bases for serious illnesses and chronic diseases.

The system will report health statement of the stuff in Attica and Biotia area, by offering in this way a serious approach in analyzing specific health parameters and scales in order to face any danger on time.
Oxygen embodies all latest technologies according to international standards and is an Integrated Health Information system of high specifications and requirements that can cover Annual military check-up of staff in all aspects, with a functional medical card record modified for military purposes and the respective Health services.

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