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HL7 Workshop at the 2nd International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Health (2nd ICICTH), 8-10 July 2004, Samos, Greece

WORKSHOP: “HL7 and Interoperability Issues in Healthcare Information Systems: Theory and Practice” 9 July 2004
Research and Training Institute of East Aegean (INEAG), Kampos Vourlioton, Samos, Greece

HL7 organization’s mission is the establishment of reliable standards for exchange, administration and integration of data referring to medical health care, and the management, streamlining and evaluation of healthcare services. HL7 organization encourages the establishment of flexible standards, guidelines, methodologies, protocols and related products and services, resulting in the interoperability of IT systems in Healthcare and Social Security, and the information exchange for the electronic healthcare record.

HL7 Hellas is the Greek HL7 International Affiliate. Its primary objective is to broaden awareness on the value and benefits of the nteroperability of Healthcare Information Systems. The 1st Workshop under the title “HL7 and Interoperability Issues in Healthcare Information Systems: Theory and Practice” has been scheduled in the context of the “2nd ICICTH - International Conference on Information Communication Technologies in Health” which will take place in the Greek Island of Samos, between 8 and 10 July 2005. Further information on the venue program and the participation in the Conference and the Workshop are available either on www.ineag.gr/icicth or through contacting Ms M Katharaki (telno: 30 -210 – 6459812).
The Workshop will focus on best practices of interoperability in Greece and worldwide. The workshop program is as follows:

Moderator: Prof. Dimitris Koutsouris HL7 Hellas, Chairman
Biomedical Engineering Laboratory, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

HL7 Activities and Experiences in the Republic of Croatia
· Miroslav Konθar
HL7 Croatia Board Member/HL7 International Affiliate Committee Co-Chair
Ericsson Nikola Tesla, d.d./HL7 Croatia

Experiences of Introducing International Standards (HL7) in Healthcare Interoperability in Greece- Past Efforts, Present Benefits, Future Prospects
· Dr. Tassos Tagaris
C.C.S S.A, HL7 Hellas, Greece

HL7 interface engines for HealthCare Organizations: Simplifying the complexity of interfacing
· Nikos Kyriakoulakos
Apollo S.A., HL7 Hellas, Greece

Achieving interoperability of systems and eHealth services, in the context of a RHIN, through HL7 V 2.xx and CDA
· M. Tsiknakis, C. Chronaki, F. Logothetidis, S. Kostomanolakis, P. Lelis
Center for Medical Informatics and Health Telematics Applications, Institute of Computer Science, FORTH, HL7 Hellas, Greece

What does HL7 have to do with clinical care? - Let's start with a simple case
· Thomas M Jones, MD Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Oracle Corporation

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