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A very useful tool for fast, reliable and able to expand HL7 Conformance Message Profiles creation

Discover how simple is to export the message definition to message profiles using the Symphonia Export Wizard

Activating the HL7 Message Profile Export Wizard

The HL7 Message Profile Export Wizard is launched by clicking the HL7 Export button on the HL7 Toolbar or by selecting .Export to HL7 message profile. from the .Symphonia->HL7. menu.

Steps Overview

The Export Wizard enable Messages defined in EDI Message Designer to be exported to the HL7 XML message profile format. The Export Wizard consists of a two-step process.

Step 1:
Requests the values for attributes contained within the generated HL7 XML message profile document.

Document Settings

Specification ConformanceType=.Implementation. HL7Version=.2.3.1 OrgName=.ODL. SpecName=. ODL_ADT_A01. SpecVersion="1.0".

A link to a Stylesheet will be inserted into the XML document if the Link to a Stylesheet check box is selected.

Step 2:
Involves selecting the Messages to export from the list of currently defined Messages. Not all Message formats can be exported to the HL7 XML message profile format. Messages that do not meet the required format will be marked with a red cross.

Selection of Messages to export

Clicking Finish will export the selected Messages. For each exporting MessageSet a subfolder is created in the selected export directory and its exported Messages are placed in this subfolder.

Symphonia 3.6
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