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Orion Systems Release FREE Symphonia Specification Toolkit

Orion Systems International, a leading provider of application integration tools, is now offering a lite version of Symphonia 3.6™, their award-winning universal messaging toolkit, at absolutely no cost. Functionality that can cost thousands of dollars elsewhere is being given away as part of Orion's FREE Symphonia Specification Toolkit campaign.

"There's no catch," explains Orion CEO, Ian McCrae. "The FREE Symphonia Specification Toolkit will be of interest to anyone who wants a specification management tool - this may include healthcare providers, consultants or anyone doing integration. It will help consultants to document all the client's interfaces and print out interface reports. It also enables them to view and read messages. In fact, the free version does pretty much everything except for generating code and mapping messages."

The Symphonia Specification Toolkit comes with extensive messaging libraries for HL7, X.12, and HIPAA and also supports all proprietary and customized message formats. Also included is Orion's Explorer test engine that allows message definitions to be tested and debugged against actual messages.

Customers are greatly impressed by all of this free functionality. As Jennifer Puyenbroek of McKesson says, "We are pleased that the HL7 conformance XML message profile formats are now supported in Orion's free Symphonia Specification Toolkit. We consider this as further proof of Orion's desire to support new standards in health messaging."

Extensive Functionality

With the FREE Symphonia Specification Toolkit you can:

· Create message definitions from an extensive library of message formats
· Generate documents automatically
· Customize standard message formats as required
· Define custom message structures, segments, fields and compound data-types
· Define messages with separated fields and/or fixed-width fields
Validate and syntax-check existing messages and create new sample or test messages.

Download this FREE product now at:

Symphonia 3.6

The Specification Toolkit is a lite edition of Symphonia 3.6™, the latest version of Orion's easy-to-use messaging and mapping toolkit. It enables vendors, consultants and other developers to rapidly add industry-standard messaging capabilities to new, existing and legacy systems. The tools enable very fast integration of multiple, different systems.

Symphonia 3.6™ intelligent mapping tools enable universal data communications, mapping virtually any messaging format to any other format. The Symphonia 3.6™ toolkit parses an extensive range of protocols including HL7, XML, HIPAA, X.12, EDIFACT, HCFA, ASTM, NCPDP, and user-defined formats. The core engine is supported on a variety of operating systems, and extensive encryption capabilities are included.

Symphonia 3.6™ parses in excess of THREE MILLION MESSAGES AN HOUR. This level of performance has set the benchmark for interface development tools. Symphonia 3.6™ features direct Active X object generation. Symphonia 3.6™ is also able to automatically generate RTF and HTML documentation based on the message profiles created with the tools.

Check out this version at www.symphonia3.com.

About Orion Systems International

Orion Systems International Limited is a global leader in information access and interfacing technologies. Specializing in health IT, Orion provides innovative software that integrates and enhances healthcare systems, saving time and money while improving efficiency and outcomes. Orion's award-winning tools and applications facilitate the secure access to and exchange of information between hospitals, doctors and clinicians, improving the communications and connectivity between providers. Orion's products are used and trusted around the world by clients, including Abbott Laboratories, IBM, Harvard University, McKesson and Philips. More information may be found at www.orionhealth.com.

Download this FREE product now at:
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