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Orion Systems Releases Rhapsody Integration Engine 1.2

December 4, 2002 - AUCKLAND, New Zealand. Orion Systems International announced today the release of version 1.2 of the Rhapsody(tm) Integration Engine.

Rhapsody 1.2 includes important new features that enhance ease-of-use for IT staff, accelerate messaging speeds and improve the ability of organizations to control their IT infrastructure.

New Features for Better Integration

· Direct XSLT Transforms to EDI Messages: Rhapsody is the only engine product that can perform XSLT transforms to EDI messages directly, without having to convert the message to XML format first. This can significantly reduce mapping and transmission times for messaging.

· Automated audit trail: Rhapsody automatically archives all messages that pass through the server for future audit and review. The audit log provides an organization with detailed information about who is accessing the system and what is happening to messages, and assists compliance to data security standards.

· Message Grouping: Rhapsody can collect related messages together and then process all of the messages at once. Messages can be grouped together in a number of different ways-for instance, based on time, size, or where they come from. Rhapsody enables users to add their own custom collectors for grouping their messages together.

· More Platform Support: Rhapsody(tm) Engine is written in Java(tm) and can run on any platform that supports Sun's Java 2 runtime environment. Rhapsody(tm) 1.2 has now been tested and has automated installation wizards on Windows NT and 2000 Server, Solaris SPARC, Solaris Intel x86, Linux Intel x86 (Red Hat 7.1, 7.2, 7.3; Mandrake 8.2), HPUX 11.00+, AIX 4.3.3+.

· Built-in Version Control: Rhapsody includes built-in version control, for when Rhapsody is used in a multiple user/developer environment. Rhapsody's version control prevents more than one user making changes to a message definition, which could cause conflicts or changes to be lost.

· Rhapsody comes with over 40 filters and communications points pre-loaded and ready for use, including "out of the box" filters for healthcare and HIPAA.

More Cost-Effective, Better Customer Support
"We're hearing a lot of feedback from people in the industry worldwide about the high cost of integration engines and the lack of good customer support," said Ian McCrae, CEO of Orion Systems International. "Rhapsody sets out to challenge this situation by providing an integration engine that is not only more cost-effective, but comes with tools that are easier to use and fully supported by Orion's customer support team."

Lower costs, faster Integration
Rhapsody significantly reduces an organization's ongoing maintenance and administration challenges and helps customers avoid complicated management and ongoing support from outside consultants. Customers don't need to hire specialists in archaic code to maintain the system.

Rhapsody's easy to use interface, self-paced tutorials and global support allow in-house staff to effectively manage the integration engine themselves. Rhapsody's platform and database independence allows customers to use existing staff, hardware and knowledge, rather than need to learn totally new systems.

Rhapsody has impressed IT specialists with its superior speed and ease of use.

"It would take 2-3 days to build a new HL7 interface with our old product, now we create the same interface in a single morning with Rhapsody," said Sudesh Patel, Development Manager, System C Software, UK. "Rhapsody has given us the confidence to handle any message type and not worry about complications. It allows us to concentrate on the development work that we do best, while letting Rhapsody deal effectively with the messaging components of our solutions."

Because Rhapsody is built on open standards, it is scalable and will grow as the company's needs grow.

"Orion has given us the tools and flexibility to integrate our systems to a degree not previously possible," said Kevin DeWitz, Webmaster at Central Washington Hospital, Washington State, USA. "Rhapsody offers us both the power to handle our wide variety of interfacing needs and the ease of use to make such administration practical in an organization of our size."

Rhapsody provides unparalleled ease of use and administration, and is a comprehensive integration solution that allows companies to coordinate and streamline exchange of data between applications and with external business partners.

Rhapsody will take messages in virtually any format, from any source, manage formats and guarantee the delivery of messages to their correct destinations -delivering the right information to the right place at the right time.

About Orion Systems International
Orion Systems International delivers a complete, end-to-end IT integration platform for information systems of all kinds. Orion's easy-to-use tools and applications integrate and enhance existing systems and deliver secure, universal access to information. In addition to its world-leading integration tools, Orion has specific expertise and experience in integration solutions for the healthcare sector. Orion has developed a suite of clinical information products that meet the needs of clinical staff throughout the health community.

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