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Orion Systems Releases Symphonia 3.6

Orion Systems is proud to announce the arrival of Symphonia 3.6, the latest version of its award-winning universal messaging toolkit. As Symphonia Development Manager Paul de Bazin says, "Version 3.6 contains several significant advances in messaging. We've worked hard on flexibility and compatibility for this release, and we're very pleased with the results".

Great New Features

Already hailed as a 'best in class' communications and mapping solution, 3.6 offers major advances in functionality and ease-of-use, keeping the Symphonia product well ahead of the pack.

More flexible validation system:
Four new validation features have been added to Symphonia to support the requirements of the demanding HIPAA messaging standard - syntax rules, unordered groups, validation equations, and situational equations. This additional validation places Symphonia amongst the most compliant of vendors for HIPAA messages. You can read more detail on validation in version 3.6 at: http://www.orionhealth.com/symphonia_support_3.6.htm

Support for the HL7 conformance profile format:
McKesson Corporation's Jennifer Puyenbroek says her company is "very pleased that the HL7 conformance XML message profile formats are now supported in Orion's Symphonia 3.6 messaging tool kit. We consider this as further proof of Orion's desire and ability to support new standards in health messaging."

Faster loading speeds:
The loading of Symphonia Control Files (and generated Active X controls) has been optimized. In some cases, 3.6 now boasts loading times a massive 20 times faster than previous versions!

Support for custom datatypes and variable datatypes:
Custom datatypes are basic datatypes, but with a number of customizable properties; variable datatypes are those fields whose type is unknown until runtime. Symphonia is now able to determine these types and parse them correctly, with no errors being returned. You can read more about this feature at :http://www.orionhealth.com/symphonia_support_3.6.htm

More powerful, more configurable library system:

The latest library versions can now be stored in a number of central locations, meaning users no longer have to store their own versions of the files. Working in groups is now simpler and more effective.

All these new features add up to Symphonia 3.6 being a quantum leap forward in messaging - specially developed for healthcare providers who are serious about improving the quality of their solutions.

Check out the new Symphonia 3.6 release at www.orionhealth.com

About Orion Systems International Limited:

Orion Systems International Limited is a global leader in information access and interfacing technologies. Specializing in health IT, Orion provides innovative software that integrates and enhances healthcare systems, saving time and money while improving efficiency and outcomes.

Orion's award-winning tools and applications facilitate the secure access to and exchange of information between hospitals, doctors and clinicians, improving the communications and connectivity between providers. Orion's products are used and trusted around the world by clients, including Abbott Laboratories, IBM, Harvard University, McKesson and Philips Medical Systems. More information may be found at www.orionhealth.com

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