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Orion Systems Releases Symphonia 3.5.1

Orion Systems International Limited today released Symphonia(tm) 3.5.1, the latest version of its leading messaging and mapping toolkit. Version 3.5.1 is easier to use and more flexible with new features including Unicode support and single installation for all tools. Unicode enables the incorporation and use of any language set, meaning greater accessibility for non-English character users.

With more than 10,000 sites worldwide, Symphonia has been used and trusted for nearly a decade by clients such as Philips Medical Systems which is currently using Symphonia 3.5.1.

"We evaluated tools from all kind of vendors when we were looking for third-party messaging tools to be integrated in our own products, and Orion's Symphonia Messaging Toolkit and Mapper met all of our criteria," said Peter Kranich, R&D Project Leader, Software Development, Philips Patient Monitoring. "Symphonia is one of the fastest message parsers/composers; it is easy to integrate, easy to support and very flexible. Orion offers quick and valuable support and fair licensing costs."

"The first HL7 interfaces have been running for more than three months, and they are very stable, unlike many of our previous interfaces," said Harald Feigel, Fujinon (Europe) GmbH, Germany. "Symphonia is very straight-forward in developing messaging applications, and as such, I definitely know that we have made the right choice."

Symphonia allows developers, vendors and consultants to quickly add standard messaging capabilities to new, existing and legacy systems. The tools enable fast integration of multiple, different systems, translating any messaging format to any other format (HL7, XML, HIPAA, X.12, EDIFACT, HCFA, ASTM, NCPDP, and user-defined formats).

Processing more than 3 million messages per hour, Symphonia cuts development time by up to 90 percent and has set the benchmark for interface development tools.

New features of Symphonia 3.5.1 include the ability to:

· Support Unicode characters on Windows platforms that support Unicode (Windows NT/2000/XP),
· Save to older EDI Designer versions,
· Modify the version number of generated ActiveX dlls,
· Auto-generate numerous messages and place them in a directory,
· Import W3C schemas into the XML Message Designer,
· Install all Symphonia tools at one time,
· Access more structural information at run time with the enhanced MetaViewer information from the engine.

Orion Systems
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