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Apollo Health Information Systems and the improvement of functional areas related to HealthCare of both Public and Private sectors since 1989.

During 90's the company made a big effort to put the bases in order to face the needs of the New Millennium (social change, e-health issues) and the increasing demands of the (New economy). The Company tried and succeed in having many installations in the Health sector in various institutions, emphasizing always in Research and Development on new information technologies.

By giving emphasis to Primary Care, Apollo started in the beginning of 1999 the development of a new integrated Information system that aimed to serve the new technological demands and enterprise resource planning needs.

The new Health Information system with the trade name "Oxygen" gives special attention to assisting decision making in administrative and economic aspects of an enterprise, to connecting health organizations and therapists in professional levels, to creating prevention centers that can inform public and creating therapeutic and diagnostic linkages through connection networks.

Apollo also has a very strong presence in the area of neoplasias diagnosis and especially in the Health Information system that supports the respective laboratories as those of Anatomic Pathology and Cytology. The continuous effort of Apollo in this area aims at developing the infrastructure and support of neoplasias record, as a result of a national strategy against cancer according to EU formulations.

Knowledge and Practice through Integrated information systems that connect Primary and Secondary HealthCare institutions contributes to the effective planning and functionality of health services and leads to quality services by giving access to the communities no matter where they are located. In addition, there is a significant cost-saving in Health services however their increasing effectiveness remains high.

Apollo also participates in:

» Design and implementation of business models that can be applied in different kinds of Health organizations.

» Design and standardization of facts for the development of a national accepted framework of collecting and exchanging data.

» Design and standardization of communication protocols between health communities based on international attempts and skills that aim at working according to international standards and taking in account Greek position in European and International markets.

» Introduction of a special study team for the vital field of Primary Care that can plan and support the technological infrastructure for the connected institutions in a way that their communication with the Health system is interactive, functional, efficient and ensures quality services for every individual.

Furthermore, Apollo provides support in terms of projection and development with a recording of the real needs of each company and through investment politics that have been already established in the Health sector can propose developmental plans with a standard time of design and implementation.

Main aim of our company is the continuous observation of the technological changes in the HealthCare sector with the support of information systems and new technologies.

For any information related to our company please contact us at info@apollo.gr

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